HRcomputes brings a top view perspective to the management
of human resources. Decades of experience and an
extraordinarily successful track record makes us uniquely
qualified to craft strategy while synchronizing HR departments
and process throughout the enterprise.

HRcomputes mentors human resources information systems for global and national enterprises. Since 1990, we have helped clients manage complex issues relating to human resources system management, including:

- HR systems strategic planning
- Diverse systems integration
- HR systems performance enhancement
- Technology selection and implementation
- HR systems management.
- Program/Project management
- Integrating Acquisitions

HRcomputes is an independent consulting group that is platform agnostic, enabling us to impart the highest level of objectivity in analysis and implementation.

HRcomputes succeeds for top management because we provide practical solutions based upon the highest quality information, influenced by our unmatched experience and business acumen. We help systems reach their potential.

Because of our top view perspective, we are retained by:

- boards of directors
- c-level executives
- senior human resources executives.

Often our work helps management maximize the value of a system that is already in place.

Our clients benefit from our exceptional experience combined with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of their systems. We have a strong track record in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, and entertainment industries.

HRcomputes is uniquely qualified to provide:

- a valuable second opinion
- mentor current staff and systems,
- or interim-manage entire HR systems.



The New School Alumni Board Trustee
The New School Alumni Group of Philadelphia

Business Certifications:
Novartis Approved Vendor

State of New Jersey

- Small Business Enterprise-SBE Issued 7/21/15, Certificate # A0031-62 Exp. 7/21/18

- Women Business Enterprise Issued 10/3/15, Certificate # 67169-15 Exp. 10/2/18