The process to becoming a sustainable company
is a journey. Research has found that linking corporate
social responsibility, human resources, and sustainability improves the quality and value of all three.

12 Reasons Why Linking Human Resources And Sustainability Add Value:

  1. Improves millennial talent acquisition
  2. Reduces employee turnover
  3. Enhances employee engagement
  4. Improves corporate image through community involvement
  5. Enhances employee productivity
  6. Aligns performance metrics with corporate goals
  7. Engages key stakeholders
  8. Bolsters pride in the organization
  9. Reduces the corporate carbon footprint and augments personal carbon reduction plans
  10. Improves diversity
  11. Promotes corporate governance for human rights and labor practices
  12. Enhances change management
        Sustainable Strategy Adds 10% to Profit

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HRcomputes President, Kris Kohl, speaks at SHRM On Sustainability And Human Resources

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, and Human Resources


HRcomputes provides strategic guidance to help senior HR management incorporate CSR into their operation to maximize the return on their Human Capital Investment.  HR should be part of the cross-functional team addressing strategic sustainable issues and focusing on triple bottom line performance - profit, planet, and people.  HRcomputes makes available a unique set of skills to facilitate this process including collaboration, training, change management, and communication.

Our Sustainability Policy