Case Studies

Success Stories

Client: Healthcare Organization

Project: Workforce management needs assessment, solution recommendation, and implementation.

Client: National Education Services Organization

Client: Merger and Acquisition for NGO

Client: Educational Service Organization

Client: Global Plastics/Polymers Manufacturing Corporation

Project: Define the current landscape and inventory of systems in HR, Payroll and related functions

Client: Global Engineering and Asset Protection Services Firm

Project: Implement Payroll, HR, Recruiting and Onboarding system

Client: Global Telecom Firm

Project: Educate Project management professionals on sustainability issues.

Client: Alumni Association

Project: Increase awareness of Gender Equality issues

Client: A Top-Tier Global Pharmaceutical Firm

Project: Develop a highly effective recruiting function

Client: Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company
Project: Implement corporate solution across global locations

Client: Global Pharma Company
Project: Synchronize global processes and systems

Client: National Pharmaceutical Company
Project: Acquisition integration project planning, execution and

Client: Major Health Insurance Provider
Project: Strategize to get more out of existing technology

Client: Telecommunications Firm
Project: Metrics and Analytics strategy and interim leadership

Client: Financial Institution
Project: Acquisition integration and interim management

Client: Healthcare Technology
Project: Global client-side implementation of core HCM, Payroll, Talent, and Learning Management

Client: Healthcare Organization

Challenge: Assess the organization’s requirements, evaluate digital solutions, and recommend a solution to improve time and attendance, scheduling, and workforce management planning.

Solution: Optimized existing HCM system and implement additional modules to enhance functionality. Selected and implemented a tool to automatically fill shift vacancies via phone, text, mobile app, email or web portal. Managed project team which included board and executive level representation, HR, Finance, IT, Operations, and vendors. Promoted culture change through training, engagement, and communication.

Results: Successful implementation of integrated WFM system that generated a complete and accurate schedule, created a workforce plan, reduced time to fill open shifts, and provided reporting to improve workforce management. Transformed workforce management process to increase speed and to enhance productivity. Provided reports to functional and executive levels to improve workforce management outcomes.

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Client: National Education Services Organization

Challenge: Returning employees to work safely during covid-19 to support educational institutions in over 40 states.

Solution: Teaming with HR, IT and a 3rd party vendor, we integrated data flow for a covid badging system including managing design specification, data accuracy and flow change management, vendor relations, and testing to allow employees to return to work safely and to ensure the safety of parents and students.

Result: Over 4,000 employees across multiple locations were safety returned to work. Both employees and managers were confident in the accuracy of the data allowing them to confidently support employees and clients.

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Client: Merger and Acquisition for NGO

Challenge: Acquiring a new company during covid-19 and merging the human capital management functions within a very short timeline.

Solution: Partnering with acquiring and acquired teams to build consensus, integrate people and culture, encourage communication and delivery of the project within the timeline.

Result: The acquired organizations was successfully integrated into the human capital management and payroll processes including employees being paid on time, multiple payrolls converted to a unified schedule, and employee self-service deployment and effective adoption.

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Client: Educational Service Organization

Challenge: Effectively managing diversity, equity and inclusion reporting to better align with DEI strategy and to drive systemic change.

Solution: Leveraged people analytics to expand access and use of data by administrators and managers. Project managed with a team consisting of a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

Result: Executives and managers were able to access DEI data to inform data driven decision-making to align with organizations DEI strategic initiative.

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Company: Global Plastics/Polymers Manufacturing Corporation

Challenge: Determine current system and process inventory and topography across global enterprise to determine potential for process and policy harmonization, expense reduction and data and reporting improvement.

Solution: Created strategic and operational survey, distributed to HR, Payroll and Finance operatives in 7 countries, managed data analysis and senior management recommendation and report.

Result: Increased cross functional and geographical communication to support consensus driven decision making and technology adoption endorsement.  Prescribed potential next step solutions based on facts and organizational characteristics.

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Company: Global Engineering and Asset Protection Services Firm

Challenge: Implement complete HR and Payroll system to improve data integrity, reduce Time and Attendance disputes, utilize Employee and Manager Self Service and maximize talent acquisition and onboarding effectiveness

Solution: Managed project, teams and communications to configure, train and rollout multiple phases of HR Technology in geographically diverse North American organization.

Result: Successful implementation of integrated HR/Payroll system.  Increased internal employee skill sets in vendor and systems management, user adoption best practices and systems integration processes to transition support and development to staff.  Transformed recruiting and onboarding process to increase speed to productivity for new employees.

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Company: Global Telecom Firm

Challenge: Embedding sustainability into the portfolio, program, and project management process.

Solution: Deliver a global symposium webinar for project management professionals entitled “ Building a More Sustainable Project Outcome” focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Triple Bottom Line, the Sustainability Journey and the value added by Project Management methodologies, projects and best practices for embedding sustainability into organizations, case studies and tools for building a more sustainable project outcome.

Result: Thousands of project management professionals gained tools and insights that help promote a culture of sustainability and “Together”, which was the focus of this year’s theme.

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Company: Alumni Association

Challenge: Understanding the “Me Too Movement”

Solution: Deliver a seminar entitled “Female Empowerment Drives Organizational Success.” Specifically addressing SDG#5-Gender Equality, we discussed unconscious bias and structural barriers within organizations that limit women’s ability to thrive.

Results: Many members of the group expressed that their eyes had been open for the first time to these issues and appreciated the tools and techniques that were shared to improve outcomes.

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Company: A Top-Tier Global Pharmaceutical Firm

Challenge: Maximize talent acquisition effectiveness in an 80,000+ employee company while standardizing recruiting messages, web site design and process guidelines.

Solution: Provided HR strategy and vision to combine Best Practice and HRIS technology to improve communication and data flow between talent acquisition and requisition fulfillment. We transformed talent acquisition processes and systems for Latin and North America, UK, India, and China utilizing Kenexa BrassRing Staffing and PeopleSoft HR and our expertise in best practices in diverse multinational implementations.

Result: Increased quality of candidate pool, reduced time to fill open requisitions, improved on boarding, and better KPI reporting internationally.

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Company: Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

Challenge: Synchronize HR processes for multinational locations in Latin and South America to report HR metrics and analytics to senior management.

Solution: Design and implement an HR Technology Road Map that addressed communicating corporate mission and goals to a diverse population with multiple languages, cultures and locations. Utilized Gap and Workflow Analysis, Employee and Manager Self Service, PeopleSoft ERP and Change Management to integrate multiple sites and to transform local processes and improve data for corporate reporting.

Result: Improved corporate compliance and unified reporting designed to enhance C-suite strategic decisions.

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Company: Global Pharma Company

Challenge: Define and synchronize HR process, policy and data collection for global locations with multiple languages, systems, governments and regulations in order to maximize human capital investment.

Solution: Implement HR Transformation plan and teams to review and harmonize all HR processes, policies and systems for talent acquisition, HRIS, benefits and payroll integration using Workday HR, Taleo Staffing, Hewitt Benefits outsourcing and multiple payroll and time and attendance vendors. Utilizing a comprehensive interview protocol with C-suite, senior managers, and functional experts we completed a Human Capital Management Analysis and Project Communication and Implementation Plan. Our senior consultants provided in-depth process and systems analysis to mentor and supplement existing staff as well as to manage vendors.

Result: Translated C-suite vision into an actionable plan ensuring clear communication and milestone completion. Our work reduced local administrative tasks and standardized global reporting structure for compensation, organization and performance management while increasing data accuracy and timeliness to provide actionable metrics for informed senior management decisions.

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Company: National Pharmaceutical Company

Challenge: Integrate an acquisition of a complementary business that required significant employee retention to maximize ROI.

Solution: Utilized Best Practices in HR, payroll, and time and attendance to perform Due Diligence and Integration Planning. Managed data analysis, systems and process harmonization, communication plan, vendor alignment, and senior management reporting. Blended people, process and systems through consensus building resulting in employee retention, unified corporate reporting, benefits integration and cost savings using various systems (Workday, PeopleSoft, ADP, Ceridian, etc.)

Result: Integrated the acquisition with right sizing of employees and harmonization of reporting and metrics for corporate reporting.

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Company: Major Health Insurance Provider

Challenge: Ensure maximum utilization of existing ERP for HR solutions.

Solution: Provided an HR Systems Tune Up for the PeopleSoft system to ensure full capability utilization. Drawing on consultant expertise, HR best practice, and client survey, we bridged gaps between HR and HRIS to bring increased functionality such as synchronizing with the finance system for reporting and creating compensation bands to inform and monitor policies.

Result: We helped increase the functionality of the existing system to better meet HR and overall business goals.

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Company: International Telecommunications Firm

Challenge: Served as an interim Director of Metrics and Analytics and improved data retrieval, metrics definition, and reporting for SAP ERP including analyzing cost benefit analysis of data retrieval solutions.

Solution: Performed a GAP analysis, evaluated bolt on SaaS solutions, created budgets for alternative solutions and presented the EVP of HR with recommendation.

Result: Recommended protocols to maximize return on exiting SAP investment while awaiting budget approval for data warehouse.

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Company: National Financial Institution

Challenge: Following the merger of 3 entities, the new company needed to redefine and restructure the role of HRIS while right sizing the department.

Solution: Provide interim HRIS Director. Led merger integration, performed systems and Human Capital Inventory and Analysis, recommended HR Technology Road Map.

Result: Managed and improved existing HR Technology Services and created strategic Workforce Plan to achieve HR strategic goals.

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Client: Healthcare Technology

Challenge: Implement Ceridian Dayforce, Payroll, Talent, and other modules in a P. E. portfolio company scaling rapidly to over 2,000 employees while operating in 10+ countries.

Solution: Leveraged our technical HCM tech stack expertise and knowledge as well as program management and change management experience to create a client-side implementation plan to support client delivery of requirements specified in the vendor project plan. Utilized an AI based portfolio management tool to gather project feedback and to monitor project health for a globally geographic disperse project team. Provided executive sponsor briefings to ensure alignment with strategic vision. Managed a cross-functional project team promoting engagement and adoption through HR, IT, Finance, Operations, and multiple vendors.

Result: Successfully implemented Ceridian Dayforce in the U.S. and EMEA and APAC countries to deliver core HR, Payroll, Talent, Learning Management functionality to support this growing global organization.

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