M&A Services

Merger & Acquisition Change Management

Bringing disparate HR systems together efficiently and effectively is one of HRComputes’ core areas of expertise.  HRComputes is uniquely qualified to analyze, integrate, and manage the assimilation of diverse systems to maximize flow, efficiency, employee satisfaction, information reporting, and overall management.

  • Research and analysis of the diverse systems
  • Development of an integration strategy and implementation plan designed to maximize ROI
  • Coordination of HR and IT departments
  • Manage the evolving corporate environment to promote harmony, respect and successful integration
  • Ensure retention and assimilation of viable employees and effective outplacement of others
  • Plan and implement communications and training for employees prior to and during the transition
  • Manage the overall transition process
  • Design and implement employee satisfaction monitoring
  • Post-transition analysis, lessons learned and fine-tuning for future transactions
  • Document process to create a playbook for future M&A

Let’s talk about how we can improve the performance of your HR system. To schedule an initial meeting, please contact Morris Yankell at 856-982-7162 or email morris@hrcomputes.com