Becoming Sustainable

“How Does Becoming Sustainable Add Value?”

Becoming Sustainable is a leading consulting group with exceptional experience providing strategic guidance designed to help senior HR management embed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into organizational culture maximizing their return on investment by generating triple bottom line performance – profit, people and planet.

Because of our top view perspective, we are retained by:

Boards of directors
C-level executives
Senior Human Resources executives

Becoming Sustainable is uniquely qualified to provide:

Sustainability Strategy Addressing Key Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Workforce Planning and Development
Leadership Development
Risk Mitigation
Opportunity Enhancement
Triple Bottom Line Solutions

Becoming Sustainable consultants have over 25 years of experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas, including large global and middle market businesses.  We offer a wide variety of industry expertise.

Some important questions to ask include:

Q: “Our organization already sponsors socially responsible activities. What does BEcoming Sustainable add?”

A: Although it’s great that your organization has taken steps toward being   socially responsible, most likely these initiatives are randomly selected and   disconnected from your business strategy. Our work provides and manages a plan linked to corporate goals and results.

Q: “Why is a sustainable road map a more effective way of organizing   a CSR program at your organization?”

A: Because it’s a solid business strategy connected to achieving your business goals and designed to add value to your organization.

Q: “We’re running a business, not a non-profit, so why do we need to have   a sustainability strategy?”

A: Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s good business.  A sustainability   strategy adds value by satisfying the interests of today’s shareholders,   employees and customers.

Q: “Seriously, how does a CSR program grow our business?”

A: Studies demonstrate that customers prefer doing business with, and   employees prefer working for, responsible companies.  In today’s business   environment, your CSR program is often the factor that tips the decision in your favor.

Q: “I agree this is valuable, but how do I get my team behind it?”

A: BEcoming Sustainable programs are designed to engage senior and middle management on key issues of sustainability by demonstrating both the positive impacts to the organization and their function as well as to the   stakeholder groups within their business ecosystem.

Q: “Our turnover rate of Millennial employees is higher than we’d like. How can we reduce that?”

A:  Millennials want to feel proud that they and their company are making a   difference. A sustainability strategy is meaningful to them and has been   proven to enhance employee loyalty.

Q: “Our company is looking to take its Diversity & Inclusion programs to the   next level.  How do we know our program is working?”

A: BEcoming Sustainable will work with you to develop relevant KPI’s and   then monitor and report on metrics resulting from your social   programs in order to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

Let’s talk about how we can improve the performance of your HR system. To schedule an initial meeting, please contact Kris Kohl at 856-982-7163 or email kris@hrcomputes.com

Strategic Sustainability.

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Comprehensive Services All At Our Single Source

Becoming Sustainable will enhance your Social Impact through:

Sustainable Strategy Development
Assist senior leadership in creating an impactful sustainable strategy that aligns business and material sustainability issues to create social, environmental and financial value.

Performance Gap Analysis Project
Assess the current sustainability program to better understand the barriers to achieving a complete realization of the organization’s sustainability vision.

Sustainable Workforce Development
Create a strategy to attract, retain, and engage your workforce through adoption of a sustainable strategy while leveraging your Human Capital Management professionals to create a culture of sustainability.

Strategic Voluntarism
Volunteer program selection and management that aligns with strategic objectives, engages employees and builds skills.

Change Management Program
Identify where your organization is on its sustainability journey and develop an effective change management plan based on your organization’s culture and readiness for change.

Communications Plan
Identify and create an effective internal and external stakeholder management plan designed to promote bilateral communications.

Diversity & Inclusion Program
Maximize your employees’ productivity and engagement by creating an inclusive culture that promotes understanding and respects differences.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management
Identify how portfolio, program, and project management planning, process and implementation drives organizational change and facilitates embedding sustainability into people, process, and policy.

Your solution evolves from our uniquely holistic perspective enhanced by exceptional experience, influenced by your corporate culture and tempered by the practical challenges and opportunities at hand.