Ceridian World Tour-The People Strategy Impact

 The world of human capital management and payroll digital solutions is exploding. The good news is that increased functionality that was previously the domain of the Fortune 500 is now available to middle market organizations. People are an organizations most important asset. Tools from marketplace leaders such as UKG and Ceridian offer new functionality and resources to demonstrate to your employees that they are a valuable asset to the business.

“Make Work Life Better”-Ceridian

Kris Kohl, Managing Partner, had the opportunity to attend the Ceridian World Tour in NYC this month to learn more about product enhancements and solution offerings. The Ceridian team is committed to supporting their clients’ digital transformations. They are focusing on API collaborations with software partners to improve integration and functionality. Leadership’s focus is on enhancing their strong showing in payroll, compliance, scheduling, and time tracking. They have been investing in their platform and have a 2022 roadmap of new product enhancements including an updated hub with key details for managers on their direct reports includingAI generated nudge recommendations. Reporting functionality is being enhanced through a collaboration with Microsoft Power BI. On demand pay through Wallet allows employees to request their pay when worked rather than waiting for pay days. The benefit to the employee is that they can access pay as needed avoiding costly pay day loans. For the employer, there is no additional funding requirement for payroll as Ceridian handles these access to pay requests. Going one step beyond Wallet, Ceridian has Streaming Pay on its roadmap making pay available when worked. Employers using Wallet have reported increased employee satisfaction and retention.

David Ossip, Chairperson and CEO of Ceridian demoing Dayforce

Position management will improve flexibility supporting greater workforce agility. Talent 2.0 is another roadmap enhancement to improve both the candidate and employee experience. Using AI, they are providing tools to better align candidates to skills based positions. For employees, the focus is on skills development and alignment for internal mobility.

HRComputes drives HCM digital transformation success.

For our Ceridian clients, we are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss the future of work. In addition to these roadmap enhancements, we offer insights on coming updates and opportunities to participate in new product testing. Most importantly, we offer insights on how the HRComputes team facilitates driving your human capital management digital transformation success.