February 2023 Newsletter

Will Companies Shift to Skill-Based Organizations?

Workplace dynamics have dramatically changed over the last couple of years. Will the next big change be a shift from traditional job titles and descriptions to skill-based organizations? Dan Pontefract of Forbes discusses how it could benefit companies to match their employee’s skills to projects and opportunities.

How to Apply Analytics & Data to People

Scientific and statistical methods are applied to all aspects of the workplace, but what about using people analytics to build an equitable workplace by improving every phase of HR, from recruitment and compensation to promotion, training, and evaluation? Harvard Business Review breaks down the pros and cons of using people analytics to streamline human resources.

We Are Honored to Have Kristina Kohl, Managing Partner, Featured in "Open to Change"

HRComputes’ Managing Principal, Kristina Kohl, was featured in the recent South Jersey Biz article, “Open to Change.” The feature discusses diversity in the workplace and highlights Kristina’s book Driving Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, which was published in January 2022. Check out thoughts from Kristina, and others, on how DEI strategies are gaining traction for businesses of all sizes.

HR Department of the Year Awards

HRComputes is proud to be a sponsor of the HR Department of the Year Awards. Applications for the 2023 Department of the Year and HR Excellence Award are now open. The Kick-Off Event will be held on March 30th. Details can be found on the HR Awards website.


Navigating the JEDI Journey | Live Webinar Registration

Kristina has an upcoming webinar on March 16, 2023, 11:00am.

Navigating the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) characterizing the business world in the 21st century requires a new paradigm, the JEDI North Star Vision, focused on an integrated bottom line – planet, people, and profit. Join us to learn about creating a JEDI North Star Vision for your organization to initiate transformative change.