HRC Drives Impact Via UKG Marketplace

At HRComputes, we are proud to be a UKG Solution Delivery Partner. Our purpose is delivering on digital solutions that transform people strategy and support vision alignment. Our consultants are UKG-certified with years of experience delivering on successful HR, Payroll, Talent, Time, People Analytics, and process automation transformations. We work for you the client bridging the gap between implementation consulting, vendor support, and internal resources. Together, we are committed to ensuring success in achieving your organization’s people strategy and maximizing your ROI. 

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Why are vendor marketplaces important? More and more organizations are turning to SaaS application as their solution of choice. On average, organizations are using 80 SaaS applications, which represents a 5 fold increase in the past 3 years and a 10 fold increase since 2015. (Source: The 2020 State of SaaS  Ops Report by BetterCloud).  

Clients are looking for tools and solutions that integrate with their HCM solutions allowing seamless integration and ease of access for users. 

Marketplace tools include job board integrations, candidate experience platforms, internal mobility platforms, background checks, and assessment tools. They also include certified partners like HRComputes to guide and support tools selection, integration, and adoption.

Integrating tools with your human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) solutions saves time and money, reduces errors, increases automation, streamlines workflow, and improves productivity.

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