As we begin 2024, we’re wiping the slate clean and getting started on a new year filled with growth, success, and a myriad of opportunities. This is the perfect time to set new personal and professional development goals and lay a foundation for new ventures. Let’s rock out the new year with a fresh perspective and determination. Together, we can turn your goals into achievements and make 2024 a year to remember!

2024 Key Risks to Consider

Explore 10 of the most vital regulatory challenges to face companies in the coming year. Can your company handle them? No problem! Contact HR Computes to learn how to leverage your tech stack to deliver on People Strategy.

Top 5 Challenges of Managing Global Payroll

A global payroll means different regulations, compliance requirements, and different cultures to contend with. Learn more about the most common hurdles of managing an international payroll with Jeff Koyen. To learn more about HR Computes’ services and how we can help you manage an international payroll, visit us online.

How Technology Has Become an Essential Element of HR

Watch this short interview with Josh Bersin for an in-depth explanation of what to expect from technology in 2024. For over 30 years, HR Computes has been helping leaders navigate HR technology, and we’re proud to still be on the cutting edge leading into the future.


Becoming A Sustainable Organization

Kris is teaching Becoming a Sustainable Organization for the Bard MBA in Sustainability program, ranked #1 Green MBA by Princeton Review. This course focuses on the rapidly changing trends in people strategy, organizational dynamics, and leadership to build more just and equitable organizations. This is her 8th year teaching MBA students! If you’re curious about the intersection of People Strategy and ESG, feel free to reach out to Kris directly with your questions.