July 2023 Newsletter

Employing People With Disabilities Can Significantly Improve an Organization

Most companies have implemented initiatives that promote DEI practices, but largely focus on gender and ethnicity. Employing people with disabilities can unlock a new competitive advantage in many ways. For example, employees with disabilities often offer unique talents and special abilities, create an elevated culture throughout the entire organization, and establish a reputation for inclusiveness at your company.

Integrating AI Technology In Your Company

AI can gather, analyze, and use enormous volumes of individual customer data and tailor the customer journey at every touch point. Integrating AI within your company can streamline your processes and save your company time and money. The Harvard Business Review outlines the best ways to use this technology to your advantage. 


Q3 Thought Leader Experience

Next month, Morris is part of the Programming Committee for the Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy’s Q3 Thought Leadership Experience. This program is designed to explore how technology is being used today and offer insights into its uses for tomorrow.

Principle’s Update

In addition to her regular Bard MBA course, Kristina Kohl, Managing Principle, is teaching the New York Power Authority MBA cohort. The course, Becoming a Sustainable Organization focuses on people strategy for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, the impact of organizational dynamics, and the role of human capital management (HCM) in an organization’s journey to becoming more just and equitable. It consists of 5 modules: Organizational Systems and Dynamics; People Strategy; Diversity, Equity, and Belonging; Techniques to Promote Social Justice; and the Future of the Workforce.

If you are interested in programs for your organization, please reach out to Kris.