June 2023 Newsletter

Thinking of Using AI Software for Hiring? Be Prepared

Artificial Intelligence software is becoming more common for HR-related activities and streamlined hiring processes. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently announced that Title VII and other discrimination or bias from AI software could be legally held against the company. Bloomberg Law explains what this means for employers.

Talent Management Means More Than Just Hiring Staff

Talent Management should include more than just finding and hiring the right people. It should also include motivating employees, keeping them happy and productive, and fostering growth and development of skills over time. McKinsey & Company dives into what talent management is and why it is so important.

Ensure Project Success With Project Governance

Project governance is a systemic process that ensures that the project delivered aligns with your organization’s strategy and requirements. HRComputes outlines the impact and lays out the framework for a successful project.

HR Department of the Year Awards

HRComputes is proud to be a sponsor of the HR Department of the Year Awards. Applications for the 2023 Department of the Year and HR Excellence Award are still open. Details can be found on the HR Awards website.

Partner Spotlight: TrueProject

Our partners at TrueProject improve project governance using an AI-powered tool to collect project data and stakeholder feedback to confirm best practices, identify off-track projects, and predict project outcomes. Learn more about how HRComputes harnesses this tool to improve our client’s project outcomes.

Travel The World Without Leaving Home

Summer is the most popular time to travel, explore, and visit new places around the globe. If vacationing isn’t in your budget this summer, you can still experience the world. For example, even if Italy isn’t on your vacation destination list this summer, you can enjoy a taste of Italy at a reasonable price right from your home.