Looking Forward to 2021

 Many of us will not be sorry to bid adieu to 2020. It has been quite a year of adaptation and change and dare I say, growth! We have all had to learn new ways of working, communicating, managing, hiring,-the list goes on. It will be interesting to see what changes remain permanent moving into 2021 and beyond. 

From our perspective, we have seen a renewed interest in human capital technology from clients ranging from improved scheduling, hands free time clocks, to enhanced candidate and employee experience. Looking forward to 2021, many clients believe that some version of remote work is here to stay. Even the definition of remote work varies by organization. For some it means global employees or contractors who live and work anywhere around the globe. For others, it means a localized workforce that is working remotely from their homes. These examples reflect 2 different types of remote work, which require different approaches to support and maintain a strong workforce culture. Each organization has its own lens of how 2020 has permanently changed its work culture and its own view of priorities for 2021.

As you think about your 2021 human capital organizational priorities, here are some points to consider:

  1. Will you expand your labor pool and hire outside of your current areas of operation?
  2. Will you be using new recruitment techniques and platforms to reach new pools of candidates?
  3. Will employees be allowed to work remotely even if you do not have an organizational presence in that location?
  4. How might your decision impact taxes and compensation models including benefit offerings?
  5. Will you support employees working remotely with a budget for home office equipment, supplies, internet, etc?
  6. If you bring employees back to work, how and when will you do it? Who will be prioritized?
  7. Are you looking to leverage HCM technology to support the virtual employee lifecycle: recruitment, development, retention, and exit?
  8. Have you considered human capital process automation tools to support your workforce management processes?
  9. Are you seeking to improve your data driven decision making to support building a more diverse workforce?
  10. Are you looking to engage with employees through pulse surveys to better assess your culture of belonging?
  11. How will data, metrics, and analytics be leveraged to support the organization’s strategic vision?
  12. Are you seeking to move the focus of your HCM function from transactional to strategic?
I think we can agree that HCM professionals have a great deal to think about going into 2021. It is a time of great change and opportunity. With the majority of the economy in the U.S. being service based, it is time for HCM professionals to demonstrate their business acumen and organizational impact. People are an organization’s strategic advantage!
The good news is that we at HRComputes are here to help you through this transformation. We have over 30 years of experience ensuring that client programs and projects are a success delivering on strategic human capital goals including ROI. We partner with industry leaders such as UKG and Phenom to deliver these solutions to our clients ensuring that they have the digital tools to support their organization’s vision for 2021 and beyond. 
Best wishes to clients, colleagues, partners, and friends for a Healthy and Happy New Year!