Maximizing UKG People Analytics

 Many clients are using the People Analytics reporting tools more robustly as the demand for human capital data and analytics has increased to support business goals. If you are one of those organizations looking to get more out of your UKG People Analytics module, here are some best practices to consider. 

This article is focusing on best practices around security administration. The first point to consider is that security role limitations in UKG Core & Payroll do not necessarily transfer to People Analytics.  For example, a manager who has been restricted from viewing employee personal information may be able to access that information In UKG People Analytics unless the proper role assignment or security restriction has been selected. It is also important to know that the Security Administrator role is tied to each UKG module. So, there is a role that is UKG Pro Security Administrator for Core & P/R and a different Security Administrator role for Onboarding. The following table highlights the UKG Pro module and the Security Administrators Role Name.

Security Administrators are responsible for security roles within their module. They have the option to assign individual user or UKG Roles Pro role to a Cognos Analytics role. The latter is used if all employees assigned to a UKG Pro role require the same Cognos Analytics access. Security Administrators do not have access to the UKG Pro People Analytics tool. If the Security Administrator needs to be granted access to the tool, one of the other roles must be assigned. 

The following table is a list of security roles within Cognos Analytics and their access rights.

Access to the UKG Pro tool is limited by role. So users that need to view the information will be assigned the Consumer role. The person with the role to manage the content as well as have the ability to create dashboards, reports, access Events Studio, and add external data is the Reporting Administrator. Please note that only one role should be assigned to a user. A note of caution on assigning the Consumer role in one module and a different role in another module. The Consumer role in any module may limit a users access.

Look for our next update on content administration.