May 2023 Newsletter

How Chat GPT Might Impact HCM

Explore 7 examples of how Chat GPT can benefit Human Resources with Bernard Marr. He covers everything from using the AI model for recruitment and onboarding to maintaining compliance and improving employee engagement.

Democratizing Transformation

Marco Iansiti and Satya Nadella investigate 150 companies across various industries, exploring how they approach technology and how those differences impact their bottom line. Learn more below.

White Box vs. Black Box: What’s the Difference

Isabell Bichler explores the increasing demand for responsible and ethical AI systems in HR and explores the pros and cons of the available viewership of a system’s methodology and functionalities. If you are interested in learning more about why visibility and explainability are important for HR, check it out!

Partner Spotlight: The Latest from Rosen Group

Rosen Group provides direct hire and contract placement of Human Resource professionals at all experience levels, specializing in recruiting, compensation, benefits, HR technology, payroll, labor relations, training & development, and employee relations. In practice for over 25 years, we operate more like a consulting firm than a staffing firm so we have adopted a container and exclusive contingency approach to our work. This allows us to deliver a much higher quality of service compared to traditional contingency firms. Watch the quick intro video above to learn more.


ESG Leadership Series

Several people have inquired about our Environmental, Social, and Governance leadership seminars. ESG topics include ESG foundational concepts, models for successful adoption, and integration into organizational vision, strategy, and operations to drive impact. If you are interested in joining the June session, please reach out to Kris@hrcomputes.

The pedagogy and curriculum are curated by a professor from the #1 Green MBA Program as rated by the Princeton Review. Speakers include Kristina Kohl, MBA, PMP, author of Becoming a Sustainable Organization and Driving Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion. ESG Programs can be customized for your organization.

Responsible HR Forum

Morris Yankell, Principal, will be attending the Responsible AI Forum in NYC on May 17th hosted by our partners The forum brings together CHROs, regulators, legal experts, technology experts, analysts, and academics to discuss responsible HR and the role of artificial intelligence (AI).