Using Data Visualization to Improve Communication Around Financial Data

In this article from NetSuite, Andy Morris explores four key steps to consider when creating a data visualization plan. Data visualization, when done correctly, can make everyday metrics and complicated analysis more consumable. Done incorrectly, data visualization can misrepresent analysis or confuse the audience. There are four key steps to consider when thinking through a data visualization plan.

Updates on the EU’s AI Act

Reid Blackman and Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes of the Harvard Business Review discuss the implications of the AI Act and offer some tips on staying within the guidelines. The regulation imposes requirements on companies designing and/or using AI in the European Union and backs it up with stiff penalties. Most violations of the act will cost companies €15 million or 3% of annual global turnover but can go as high as €35 million or 7% of annual global turnover for violations related to AI systems that the act prohibits.

AI is Everywhere

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic for HR, but not all AI solutions are created equal. In our blog post, we explore some of the different types of AI and their impact on HR functionality and core competencies.

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