Technology change is often like changing the tires on a car while it is in motion!

In business, defining your current state informs the potential actions for the attainment of any future goals.  This is especially true for any technology plan.  

Everyone is talking about the year 2020 in terms of having “perfect vision”.  That perfect vision starts with understanding what you have today, what works, what doesn’t and define what you must have and would like to have.

Our recommendation is to use the tools of customer experience and market research.  From focus groups to surveys and from in-depth interviews to technology demos and orientation sessions, the key is to mine your institutional knowledge to determine the current state of HR process and technology.

Here are some thoughts and guidelines:

what do we want to accomplish
Determine what HR systems and functionality the company has today

Determine what works and does not work today
Document and analyze these findings
Create a list of recommendations for review and action

how do we accomplish it
1. Conduct a survey and focused interview process to understand the current HR Systems Inventory
2. Develop an HR Technology Inventory for Employee data Systems
3. Create an HR Systems Software Analysis Document to determine if/how we can better:
a. automate routine tasks
b. improve the quality and visibility of data
c. standardize where appropriate
d. support M&A integrations
e. develop a common language for metrics and analytics
4. Share the results of this process and create a Recommendation on next steps

we have more ideas
Tasks to produce the systems inventory
Systems to ask about
Questions to ask
Examples of recommendations and next steps

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A wise person once said, “One needs to know where one has been to get to where one is going”.

Answer your HR Technology questions before it is too late!!