What is the Secret Sauce for Competitive Advantage?


It is your organizations People! In today’s rapidly changing and volatile environment, leadership needs to unleash their organization’s unique people assets to deliver strategic advantage. Your employees’ knowledge, skills, and delivery of customer focused products and services is your secret sauce. The key to unleashing this power is working with your human capital professionals and leveraging technology to effectively align your people talent strategy with your organization’s needs.

Leveraging technology fills the pipeline with qualified candidates to meet pressing business needs driving organizational agility.



It begins with attracting a diverse talent pool with a variety of skills to meet global marketplace challenges. Talent technology platforms such as Phenom deliver an integrated solution leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver personalized job recommendations based on candidate search behavior and a variety of other factors to improve the Candidate Experience-CX. This customized approach builds belonging and engagement early in the candidate lifecycle. From the perspective of recruiting diverse candidates, the AI delivered search results reduce unconscious bias inherent in a human based recruitment process. The platform speeds delivery of qualified candidates to meet even the most difficult to fill positions.Leveraging technology fills the pipeline with qualified candidates to meet pressing business needs driving organizational agility.


For employees, an Employee Experience platform provides tools to promote workforce agility to quickly redeploy talent to growth areas and new projects. The platform opens up the search for talent across the organization allowing employees to view cross functional opportunities and to apply for the internal assignment. Opportunities can be Gig assignments, short terms projects, lateral moves, or positions leading to new rungs on the career ladder. Leveraging technology to communicate opportunities across the organization facilitates a culture of transparency and belonging.


Promoting internal mobility facilitates learning and development for your employees. Rather than only a select few employees being given stretch opportunities for growth, use of a technology platform opens up opportunities to all eligible employees. By communicating opportunities, required skills, and learning paths, organizations begin to create a more level playing field. As a result, employees feel as if they have career development options promoting engagement and employee retention.


Effectively selecting and implementing human capital management digital solutions gives human capital professionals tools to deliver on an agile workforce which is key to business strategy success.

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