Interesting Times for HCM: Outlook 2024

As I prepare for teaching my Becoming a Sustainable Organization in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program, I attended a Josh Bersin Insights on Corporate Talent, Learning, and HR Technology 2024 Predictions webinar. We have a lot going on in human capital leadership these days and I am pleased that my course strongly aligns with […]

Project Governance Impact

Project governance is often cited as a reason for project failures. What is really meant by project governance? Project governance is a systemic process that ensures that the project delivered aligns with an organization’s strategy and requirements. An organization’s culture and resource capabilities have a significant impact on project governance. As digital transformation consultants, HRComputes […]

Maximizing JEDI Strategy

Delivering on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) vision requires leadership commitment and system redesign. This approach goes beyond compliance requirements and foundational trainings and requires organizational leaders to look deep into their culture, people, processes, and policies. While there is still much progress that is needed to deliver justice and equity, leaders across the […]

Insights from the SHRMInclusion Conference San Diego

Thank you to my friends and colleagues for making the SHRMInclusion conference such a meaningful and engaging event. It was a fabulous opportunity to learn and share. From the Fireside Chat with Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks to our session Driving Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Impact, the key message is that […]

Help Wanted!! HR Technology and HRComputes delivers!!

Last year we wrote that a “top issue on CEOs minds is the challenge around finding talent”.  Well, everyone is still talking about the challenge of getting and keeping talent and the Great Resignation has only added to the problem! Candidate relationship management is today’s Recruiting 101.  Keeping the conversation going through existing automated tools […]

Why Isn’t Workplace Technology as Easy as Personal Technology?

 As human capital management digital technology consultants, we get this question a lot. There are many reasons including the very nature of organizations that are structured to share data and information across networks rather than being siloed like an individual. But some of the issues relate to HCM tech stack customizations and siloing of decision […]

Driving Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion

 We are pleased to announce the launch of Kristina Kohl’s, Managing Principal, new book, Driving Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion from CRC Press. As Kristina says, “My goal with this book is to highlight the importance of environmental and social justice and to provide tools to leaders to drive deep change within their organizations and broader ecosystems.” Foundational […]

Employees Seeking Purpose

   Sharing a blog post from Managing Principal, Kristina Kohl, that was published through our Becoming Sustainable group on the importance of aligning people and purpose in our organizations. Employees are seeking to work for an organization that authentically lives their values in their organizational and people strategies. Employee engagement includes value alignment around social […]

HRC Drives Impact Via UKG Marketplace

At HRComputes, we are proud to be a UKG Solution Delivery Partner. Our purpose is delivering on digital solutions that transform people strategy and support vision alignment. Our consultants are UKG-certified with years of experience delivering on successful HR, Payroll, Talent, Time, People Analytics, and process automation transformations. We work for you the client bridging the […]


  The top issue on CEOs minds is the challenge around finding talent. Daily headlines are announcing labor shortages, rising wages, and signing bonuses. Is the problem a lack of talent or is it an issue with how organizations recruit for talent?    The top issue on CEOs minds is the challenge around finding talent. […]