Project Governance Impact

Project governance is often cited as a reason for project failures. What is really meant by project governance? Project governance is a systemic process that

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May 2023 Newsletter

How Chat GPT Might Impact HCM Explore 7 examples of how Chat GPT can benefit Human Resources with Bernard Marr. He covers everything from using the AI

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April 2023 Newsletter

ESG Leadership Development We are thrilled to introduce Environmental, Social, and Governance programming for leadership teams. Topics include ESG foundational concepts, models for successful adoption,

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March 2023 Newsletter

Firms May Be as Vulnerable as Their Weakest Tech Vendor Firms use third-party tech vendors for critical tasks, including cloud hosting and data management. This

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February 2023 Newsletter

Will Companies Shift to Skill-Based Organizations? Workplace dynamics have dramatically changed over the last couple of years. Will the next big change be a shift

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Maximizing JEDI Strategy

Delivering on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) vision requires leadership commitment and system redesign. This approach goes beyond compliance requirements and foundational trainings and

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