November 2023 Newsletter

Every year at this time, we’re reminded of who and what we’re grateful for. This year, we want to extend our appreciation to you. Nothing we do would be as impactful without the support you show us year after year. From everyone at HR Computes – thank you! Mid-Sized Markets, Out-Sized Potential Mid-sized markets have […]

October 2023 Newsletter

It’s officially Spooky Season! That means haunted hayrides, pumpkin carving, and fall decorations for both school and work. So, grab your pumpkin spice coffee, cozy up, and let’s get started on this season of growth, learning, and achievement together. Improving Project Governance for Better Outcomes Tom Villani explores the role of project governance for success, […]

September 2023 Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, everyone begins to move from vacation mode back into the full swing of work and school. We’re ready and excited to get started this season, and we hope you are as well! Upper-Level Executives Adapt to Changing Private Equity Trends The 2023 EY Global Private Equity Survey explores the […]

August 2023 Newsletter

2023 Best of Biz HRComputes is thrilled to have been chosen as the 2023 Best of Biz Reader’s Pick for Human Resource Management. Check out the full list of winners here. VIEW WINNERS The Legal Assault on Corporate Diversity Efforts Has Begun The efforts companies have made over recent years to increase diversity practices and DEI […]

July 2023 Newsletter

Employing People With Disabilities Can Significantly Improve an Organization Most companies have implemented initiatives that promote DEI practices, but largely focus on gender and ethnicity. Employing people with disabilities can unlock a new competitive advantage in many ways. For example, employees with disabilities often offer unique talents and special abilities, create an elevated culture throughout […]

June 2023 Newsletter

Thinking of Using AI Software for Hiring? Be Prepared Artificial Intelligence software is becoming more common for HR-related activities and streamlined hiring processes. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently announced that Title VII and other discrimination or bias from AI software could be legally held against the company. Bloomberg Law explains what this means for employers. […]

May 2023 Newsletter

How Chat GPT Might Impact HCM Explore 7 examples of how Chat GPT can benefit Human Resources with Bernard Marr. He covers everything from using the AI model for recruitment and onboarding to maintaining compliance and improving employee engagement. READ MORE Democratizing Transformation Marco Iansiti and Satya Nadella investigate 150 companies across various industries, exploring how they […]

April 2023 Newsletter

ESG Leadership Development We are thrilled to introduce Environmental, Social, and Governance programming for leadership teams. Topics include ESG foundational concepts, models for successful adoption, and integration into organizational vision, strategy, and operations to drive impact. The pedagogy and curriculum are curated by a professor from the #1 Green MBA Program as rated by the Princeton Review. […]

March 2023 Newsletter

Firms May Be as Vulnerable as Their Weakest Tech Vendor Firms use third-party tech vendors for critical tasks, including cloud hosting and data management. This exchange of information opens businesses up to additional risks. Wall Street Journal reporter Suman Bhattacharyya explores five ways to minimize the risk and keep your data safe. READ MORE Top 5 HR […]

February 2023 Newsletter

Will Companies Shift to Skill-Based Organizations? Workplace dynamics have dramatically changed over the last couple of years. Will the next big change be a shift from traditional job titles and descriptions to skill-based organizations? Dan Pontefract of Forbes discusses how it could benefit companies to match their employee’s skills to projects and opportunities. READ MORE How to […]