July 2024 Newsletter

As the summer heat settles in and the beach beckons, keeping up with work can be a challenge. This month, we’re focusing on your organization’s most important advantage – your people. Dive into the latest trends and strategies to keep your momentum going strong! Partner Success Story: SimpleFi Solutions HRComputes is pleased to share a […]

June 2024 Newsletter

It feels too early for the dog days of summer, but there’s no mistaking it now – with the kids out of school, vacations, longer days, and outdoor activities in full swing, managing your time can become a real challenge. Exciting advancements are on the horizon. Let’s dive in. Mid-Year Check-In: 10 Big CFO Trends […]

May 2024 Newsletter

Using Data Visualization to Improve Communication Around Financial Data In this article from NetSuite, Andy Morris explores four key steps to consider when creating a data visualization plan. Data visualization, when done correctly, can make everyday metrics and complicated analysis more consumable. Done incorrectly, data visualization can misrepresent analysis or confuse the audience. There are […]

April 2024 Newsletter

Spring is in the air, and change is on the horizon! Get ready for a fresh perspective on HR tech as we explore the power of AI and big data. In celebration of Women’s History, we’ll also shine a spotlight on the inspirational women who have paved the way in our field. Skills-Based Talent Development […]

February 2024 Newsletter

As February unfolds, we’re doubling down on our commitment to growth and excellence in all aspects of HR management. From innovative technology solutions to industry insights, we’re here to support your journey to success. HCM Leaders Must Lead with Data Adam Weber explores how decision-making should change for today’s HR leaders. HRComputes helps you develop […]

January 2024 Newsletter

As we begin 2024, we’re wiping the slate clean and getting started on a new year filled with growth, success, and a myriad of opportunities. This is the perfect time to set new personal and professional development goals and lay a foundation for new ventures. Let’s rock out the new year with a fresh perspective […]

December 2023 Newsletter

As we finish out 2023, we would like to thank our clients, partners, and friends. Your trust and support throughout the year have been a cornerstone of our journey, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We wish you a very merry holiday season and a Happy New Year!   Who Wants to Automate […]

November 2023 Newsletter

Every year at this time, we’re reminded of who and what we’re grateful for. This year, we want to extend our appreciation to you. Nothing we do would be as impactful without the support you show us year after year. From everyone at HR Computes – thank you! Mid-Sized Markets, Out-Sized Potential Mid-sized markets have […]

October 2023 Newsletter

It’s officially Spooky Season! That means haunted hayrides, pumpkin carving, and fall decorations for both school and work. So, grab your pumpkin spice coffee, cozy up, and let’s get started on this season of growth, learning, and achievement together. Improving Project Governance for Better Outcomes Tom Villani explores the role of project governance for success, […]

September 2023 Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, everyone begins to move from vacation mode back into the full swing of work and school. We’re ready and excited to get started this season, and we hope you are as well! Upper-Level Executives Adapt to Changing Private Equity Trends The 2023 EY Global Private Equity Survey explores the […]