May 2023 Newsletter

How Chat GPT Might Impact HCM Explore 7 examples of how Chat GPT can benefit Human Resources with Bernard Marr. He covers everything from using the AI model for recruitment and onboarding to maintaining compliance and improving employee engagement. READ MORE Democratizing Transformation Marco Iansiti and Satya Nadella investigate 150 companies across various industries, exploring how they […]

April 2023 Newsletter

ESG Leadership Development We are thrilled to introduce Environmental, Social, and Governance programming for leadership teams. Topics include ESG foundational concepts, models for successful adoption, and integration into organizational vision, strategy, and operations to drive impact. The pedagogy and curriculum are curated by a professor from the #1 Green MBA Program as rated by the Princeton Review. […]

March 2023 Newsletter

Firms May Be as Vulnerable as Their Weakest Tech Vendor Firms use third-party tech vendors for critical tasks, including cloud hosting and data management. This exchange of information opens businesses up to additional risks. Wall Street Journal reporter Suman Bhattacharyya explores five ways to minimize the risk and keep your data safe. READ MORE Top 5 HR […]

February 2023 Newsletter

Will Companies Shift to Skill-Based Organizations? Workplace dynamics have dramatically changed over the last couple of years. Will the next big change be a shift from traditional job titles and descriptions to skill-based organizations? Dan Pontefract of Forbes discusses how it could benefit companies to match their employee’s skills to projects and opportunities. READ MORE How to […]

January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We are excited to see what 2023 holds for HRComputers and for HR technology. How Financial Accounting Screws Up HR Current U.S. financial reporting standards view employees as expenses or liabilities for a company, making them look less valuable to investors. Employee wages, benefits, training, and other employment costs are not categorized […]

November 2022 Newsletter

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week! As we approach the holiday season, we are sending best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and safe celebration! HR Trends in the New Year and Beyond The world of work has changed drastically in the past several years. From remote […]

September 2022 Newsletter

Fall is here which means cozy sweaters, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice everything! We hope you are enjoying the new season with your family and friends. HOW UPSKILLING AND RESKILLING TRENDS TRANSFORM LEARNING AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT WITH THE USE OF AI Economic shifts are causing some organizations to slow down, lay off, or cut back […]

August 2022 Newsletter

HR COMPUTES NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! With over 25 years of experience helping our clients select, optimize, and implement HCM, payroll, and finance technology, we are excited to continue delivering impact and value to their organizations. CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE BLOG: MEET YOUR BUSINESS […]